DYL- Herve-Annen-2015-02

X-Treme Conquistadors: DYL by Jenifer Thévenaz-Burdet

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For her latest stand-alone collection, Jenifer Thevenaz-Burdet, the mind behind the line DYL, an acronym for Define Your Life, created a postcard from her home in Sweden. With a out-of-this-world mentality meets sensible functionality, DYL’s created a medley of winter-ready accessories and outerwear. Thevenaz-Burdet uses terms lightly as she is breaking down the fashion code and creating a collection that is anti-seasonal. Her latest was created under the name XTC, or X-Treme Conquistadors, showcasing strap heavy monochromatic rucksacks and streamlined galactic coats. The collection was ethereal, but grounded. The pieces, as suited for the otherworldly beings seen in the Thevenaz-Burdet’s look book, would be just at home on the next man you see strolling down the street. The models were nomadic. Spiky masks adorned their faces as they trekked through a post-apocalyptic world. Satchels were highly functional with pockets being a mainstay on every piece and rucksacks compressing and unfolding with the help of versatile strapping. They were pieces for the urban nomad, and the ones who heed when adventure calls.

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