Aura: Perret Schaad Autumn/Winter 2016 Berlin Fashion Week

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Perret Schaad’s Autumn/Winter 2016 collection echoes the contrast of a city in fall, combining somber tones reminiscent of the cityscape with splashes of bright autumn color. The collection was presented during Berlin Fashion Week in a hardware store against plywood and building supplies, reinforcing the collection’s pervasive contrast of sleek industrial elements with rustic natural materials.

In the opening look, Schaad chose to feature a shimmering silk blouse paired with a gray felt coat and a pair of simple wide legged slacks, while another look showcased an oversized, deep green felt tunic that was paired with a gold skirt and heavy brown Chelsea boots. Sill more, a maroon and navy mole hair sweater compliments olive green satin pants and neon orange pumps. It is through these looks, combined with the muted but vibrant color palette and coarse materials that were tempered by glimmering metallic and fabrics, that the collection’s story of an urban autumn’s changing moods, fluctuating between warmth and style, are conveyed. In a more kitsch nod to Schaad’s inspiration — and a finishing touch to every look — felt oak leaves in an array of colors were used as broaches or flag earrings.

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