Plasticine Wonderland: Marina Hoermanseder Autumn/Winter 2016 Berlin Fashion Week

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Amber silk blouses, buckle-embellished pencil skirts and molded dresses from Viennese designer Marina Hoermanseder’s Autumn/Winter 2016 collection immersed the runway at Berlin Fashion Week in an aura of whimsical fantasy. Hoermanseder’s unique aesthetic marries feminine designs inspired by 18th century formality with revolutionary plasticine materials to create a look that is both technological and romantic. Soft, feminine fabrics subtly featured quilted patterns and beaded embellishments, which matched delicate purses and miniature backpacks ideal for formal wear. Patterned cardigan sweaters, cowl neck angora tops and thigh-length car coats were appropriate for winter, with hues ranging from peach and cool gray to sky blue as a reminder that warmer months are drawing close. Ruffled waistlines adorned skater skirts and trousers to perfection, while a molded bodice added a modern elegance to floral evening gowns. This diversity of elements gave Hoermanseder’s fairytale designs an edge of excitement, connecting traditional romanticism to modern ambience.

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