Redefining Melancholia: Philomena Zanetti Autumn/Winter 2016 Berlin Fashion Week

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A life-long fascination with flora and fauna as well as a love for natural beauty is what inspired designer Julia Leifert to leave her home in South Tyrol, Italy, to study Fashion Management in Berlin. A short time later, Leifert launched her own brand, Philomena Zanetti, named for her great-great grandmother, and this season, presented her Autumn/Winter 2016 collection, “Redefining Melancholia,” at Berlin Fashion Week. The cocoon-like, draped styles reveal Leifert’s passion for the beauty of nature, while darker hues inspired by Ireland’s coastline speak to a deeper melancholy: that of a fallen country and a desire for freedom. The philosophy behind the label is a pursuit of fashion through non-violence, both to the earth and animal, and an invitation to self-discovery. Through their latest, Philomena Zanetti reintroduces the elements that make us human through serene landscape and uncomplicated style.

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