Artisanal Savoir-Faire: Le Feuillet Accessories Collection


In a faint mix of artisanal French savoir-faire and a strong vision for a product cooked up with some of the beauty found in architectural design, Le Feuillet is a men’s bag collection distinguished by the interaction between man and object. The product range from key holder to wallet and rucksack to laptop holder represent the evolution of the collection growing but also the progression of man in his personal environment.

The use of leather instantly shows promise to be the making of a timeless aesthetic. The sleek and high quality finish of the material allows it to be suitable for versatile use as the minimalist presence allows for gender neutrality. Le Feuillet’s use of positioning handles and exposed zippers bring an unseen quality to the casualness of urban streetwear. Rooting from an enthusiastic yearning that form follows function, the use of the classic material and quintessential color black symbolizes the relationship that humans have with nature.

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