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Greed Is Good: Robert Geller Fall/Winter 2016 NYFW

Men, Fashion, Runway

Inspired by the children’s novel The Grey Men, Robert Geller’s Fall/Winter 2016 collection takes the concept and use of what we as society classify as ‘time’ in a globalist era where the rich elite rule. The protagonist in the story sees the world around her being taken away and morphed into a corporate world, who thus tries to hold onto the creative aspect of the world.

In terms of the corporate world, business attire is seen throughout the collection with dashes of punk. Leather jackets, black wool coat, briefcases adorned with studs, narrow cut pants and hats all gave the “banker” look a harder edge, representing the cold world that the protagonist sees. Metallic shades of grey velvets compliment stark blacks. On the other side of the spectrum, a vast color palette that contains purples, reds and yellow-greens is seen and represents our protagonist with a nineties silhouette. Wide coats and capes make a great contrast to the inorganic character of the ‘grey men.’ Suit up or flow out, Robert Geller was slick, sexy and anything but dull [the opposite of grey].

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