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Frequent Flier: Palmiers du Mal Fall/Winter 2016 NYFW

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Palmiers du Mal makes their first runway debut at NYFW:M with their Fall/Winter 2016 collection. With a name most likely derived from Charles Baudelaire’s Les Fleurs du Mal, designers Brandon Capps and Shane Fonner underscore a cosmopolitan transcendence in their collection. Seeking independence from any specific time and place, their inaugural collection expresses a cultural and global miscellany.

Though an autumn collection, the pieces felt easy and lightweight. There wasn’t a dense wool coat or heavy leather boot, which meant it could have easily been worked into a spring or even resort collection, traversing the seasons for versatility. One look, comprised of an Africana wrapped coat and white trouser, was perfect for the worldly traveler. Other pieces, like the chinoiserie French work jacket, represented an intermingling of different ethnic elements. Palmiers du Mal makes a fantastic start, not simply as a novice year-old label, but as an honest designer. With a clear vision of their customer in mind, they’ve conceived a series of garments for the urban globetrotter. It’s fresh, masculine and simply put, a gorgeous set of clothes.

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