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Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Kenneth Ning Fall/Winter 2016 NYFW

Men, Fashion, Runway

Mama told me to never to judge a book by its cover. One look at Kenneth Ning’s artisanal abilities and it’s clear, mama was right. Much like his clothes, Ning’s hushed persona is in deep contrast with his personal aesthetic. From neck to arm, the soft spoken designer is covered in ink. Ning, like many menswear designers of his generation, is of the school of thought, if it’s not broke, break it. A conduit of 21st century gender ambiguity, Ning is designing a brave new world for the American man. “I feel like menswear silhouettes are starting to change now, which is why I’ve incorporated womenswear silhouettes into this collection,” he said.

Reference his soft shouldered, lightweight coat with oversized zippers and uniform grommets, blousy bell bottom style pants, graffiti print ponchos and a sleeveless silk top. A single chain earring accents each model. Perhaps, the well-mannered designer is simply a clever opportunist, breaking the glass ceiling at the right moment. Regardless of bias, to don Kenneth Ning is to purge white-collar wares and conservative trappings once and for all. For you, they may be just clothes, for me, a burning of the bra moment.

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