The Rule Breakers: Asger Juel Larsen Autumn/Winter 2016 Copenhagen

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Fueled by rebellion and aiming to go against the status quo, Asger Juel Larsen seems to take two conflicting moments of inspiration, making them careen head first into one another to create an impressive presentation. This Autumn/Winter 2016 collection from the Scandinavian born designer gives away his British influence with what feels like inspiration from the UK’s sub-culture skinhead fashion movement. Patchwork fur shawls and slim fitting blazers combined with high collar turtlenecks all pay homage to the rebellious epoch.  Pair that with militaristic double breasted camel colored coats, camouflaged bomber jackets and bucket hats, and the two inspirations somehow meet in the middle. It seems like a contradiction at first thought, but the combination is effortless and striking. It makes sense considering rebels often make a point of mocking the establishment through mimicry. Combine the aforementioned inspiration with the moments referencing checkered flannel and destroyed knits representing the haphazard “anti-fashion” era of grunge, and you have a dark, without being disheartening, slightly intimidating, sophisticated selection. Larsen points to all things unruly, and as the designer posted on his Instagram page pre-show, suggesting the sentiment of the season is “More Rules, More Rule Breakers.”

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