Deux Hommes Releases “The New Wave”

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Dear Reader,

We’d like to introduce to you our 4th issue titled, “The New Wave.” Realizing that the newest talents are trying to push and break barriers, it was important for this issue to have the edge that only the freshest innovators can have, but with a focus on designers established three years or less.

In this issue, Deux Hommes drives past the constraints of fashion alone and into a full ecosystem that consists of fashion and life. When brainstorming who would be the perfect muse, budding model and Deux Hommes homie Roberto Sipos was summoned. We dive into what makes this well-travelled cover star tick and how his new adventure is keeping us in suspense. We also took a look at Parsons MFA graduates Joshua Myrie and Katherine Mavridis, two young guns that are advancing fashion technology, which is seen through our exclusive access to their moodboards created for their thesis collections.

Other features include Roc Nation Rapper Jay Royce chatting about his life-changing run-in with Jay-Z and how he fell down the rabbit hole of modeling. Leading Photographer Ace Amir asks us to follow him “Into the Woods” in his editorial collaboration with Stylist Jahulie Elizalde, and top videographers Gus and Lo masterfully shot designer Blair Moore’s thesis collection as the subject of the first video editorial integrated in a Deux Hommes issue.  

Deux Hommes is a digital fashion platform that features a curated list of emerging designers in luxury sportswear, avant-garde and high-end streetwear.  

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