Belief + Doubt: Grinko Fall/Winter 2016 Milan Fashion Week

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You could hear church bells that resound dull in the air, like a distant echo that accompanies the rhythm of the walk: a procession is in action, and the chosen path has been Grinko’s runaway at Corso Como as the very first opening of Milan Fashion Week. “Belief + Doubt = Sanity” is the cryptical equation that the famous Italian brand has chosen for its new Fall/Winter 2016 collection, as a lullaby that cradles the introspective journey to which everybody is called and that leads to the arousal of doubts in front of dogmas. But Grinko’s pilgrimage is not a one way road, silent and praying, to Canterbury. It breaks ranks and flows into a thick punk crowd, in which freedom of expression is the key that opens neck padlocks and allows the coexistence of different levels and times, clashing eras and styles. Revisitation, elaboration and originality are the qualities that the brand proudly shows under the spotlights: it plays with layers and tridimensionality through a color palette that goes from yellow to English green, while an original use of lace crochet, exclusively created by the designer himself, is the new form of knitting wear brilliantly entering the game. Grinko’s sanity is a perfect balance between inner beliefs and unavoidable doubts, an invitation to break the line and follow your personal path, dare without forgetting origins. And you, are you ready to question yourself?

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