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The New, New: Marques’Almeida Fall/Winter 2016 LFW

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On the final day of London Fashion Week, Marta Marques and Paulo Almeida take us on a trip through their label, Marques’Almeida, reminding us that they are indeed the perfect representation of a dynamic future for British design.

Silhouettes were diversified: layering was the name of the game that was complimented by asymmetric hems and shapes as well as extra generous, full cuts. Colors were bright and cover the full spectrum. Edges are raw and frayed, a Marques’Almeida signature, but several pieces were finished off rather neatly. Faux fur, denim along with a dash of leather were all used. Mesh, seen throughout this collection, is a unique choice that was seen in the form of layering to provide texture.

An interesting item of note: the duo casted more “natural” women, by X’ing out their typical cast of leggy wonders. The women were more like you, the people who ultimately buy the clothes. Practicality, the Marques’Almeida way, took center stage. An oversized gingham checked shirt in a red and white combination was worn under a tie-dyed slip dress. Lively prints are slapped on wares: bright colors were on some, while embellished houndstooth was seen on others.

A yellow hoodie was long enough to be able to be identified as a dress, a orange gingham shirt was cinched at the waist by an oversized buckle. This was the duo’s venture into “streetwear,” the Marques’Almeida way. The it pieces? The coats: quilted and oversized to the max, it was pretty much equivalent to wearing a duvet. Another item of note were the few crocheted pieces. Although they were understated, they were incredibly well done and provided comfort. Marques’Almeida’s denim, the label’s signature, was seen in the form of high-neck mini dresses with zippers and wide-legged jeans that were punctured at the knee with the use of feathers or zippers. This was Marques’Almeida at their best: reworking their signatures by including something familiar but never done before.

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