The Muse – How Model Roberto Sipos Is Climbing The Fashion Rungs

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YEAR IN AND YEAR OUT ROBERTO SIPOS HAS WALKED DOZENS OF TOP runways, appeared in many major publications and has traveled the world countless times. His experiences trump those that grew up with him in the small town of Transylvania, Romania. He is signed by 10 modeling agencies in 9 different countries, yet he is only 20-years-old and on the verge of becoming one of the top models in the world. Still, what makes Roberto truly special is his humility, his love of his mother, his entrepreneurial spirit and an exceptional story about how he was discovered.

How were you discovered?

I got a message on Facebook five years ago from my mother agency [MRA Models] asking if i would like to become a model and try it out.

How old were you?


Tell us a little about your family and the values that they instilled in you.

I grew up just with my mom in my hometown [in Romania]. I feel like I learned so many things from my mom, such as respect, loyalty, manners, truth, and how to treat people the right way!

Some of your photos push the envelope and you have an undeniable presence about you. Were you always confident?

I was always a very openminded person. I like to take risks. I was never a shy person either; [I was] always open to new adventures, new challenges. there is nothing to lose!

Who are some of you idols?

Leonardo DiCaprio, Bob Marley, Notorious BIG, and Dr. Dre, yeah (laughs).

Is there a particular client that you are always happy to work with or any designer that you like walking for in particular?

It is always a pleasure to work with all of my clients all the time! One of my favorite clients is Perry Ellis. They have a great team; everybody is very nice every time I work for them. They take really good care of me.

You’ve traveled to quite a bit. What places have you been to?

In the last two months I’ve been to places like Barcelona, Berlin, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Seattle, New York, and London.

What other projects are you working on right now besides modeling?

I am working on a personal business opportunity with two of my friends. Stay tuned!

The Muse Roberto Sipos for Deux Hommes Magazine Issue 4 The New Wave  (Click link to see more)

Digital Portrait by Gil Goldin

Interview By Jennifer Stevens & Intro by Jared Robin






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