Second Skin: Xu Zhi Spring /Summer 2016

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Does fashion flatten or exaggerate our personalities? It’s an important question to ponder, for Craig Green and J.W.Anderson trained designer, Xu Zhi. In the Spring/Summer 2016 collection of his namesake label, Zhi based his design aesthetic around how fashion reflects or impacts personality. Using techniques to mix textures and add bold colors, the designer reflects his inspiration by showcasing pieces that are meant to act as a second skin to our bodies. In this sense, fashion, according to Xu Zhi, can either exaggerate or flatten our personalities.

The designer manufactured each piece by bonding and stitching loose and braided yarns onto the fabric to create a texturized “second skin” look to the garments. Color played an important role in the collections narrative, with bright orange, yellow and pink, plus shades of baby blue to sapphire, to represent the reality of human emotion. Delicate pastel pink dresses, bolero jackets and skirts romanticize the collection against pops of blue in the form of long jackets, slip dresses, and capri trousers. Browsing through the collection, it’s clear that the warm versus cool color palette reflects the contrasting emotions that guide humanity. So does fashion exaggerate our personalities? I’m not sure — but what you choose to wear from the Xu Zhi collection can at least reflect it.

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