Experimental Aesthete: Byungmun Seo Fall/Winter 2016 Seoul Fashion Week

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South Korea’s position at the forefront of streetwear culture and fashion is imminent. Byungmun Seo’s Fall/Winter collection at Seoul Fashion Week is evidence enough. Like a sartorial potpourri, Seo took different parts of garments, re-purposing them elsewhere and in new forms. Bomber jacket sleeves morphed into trousers, while pleated tennis skirts grew from the bottom of pea coats and blazers. Dresses combined both cable-knit wools and cotton shirting into one, which like the rest of his collection, was experimental and dangerously beautiful. Seo’s collection makes a statement about the current state of fashion: the nonexistence of rules and limitations can breed either idealistic creativity or become the harbinger of chaotic mess. Though open to subjective interpretation, Byungmun Seo seems optimistic about not only his future success, but that of the industry as a whole.

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