Leather Mill on the Prairie: Blindness Fall/Winter 2016 SFW

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Laura Ingalls meets Marlon Brando in BLINDNESS‘s 2016 Fall/Winter line-up. Designers Kyu Yong Shin and Jong Taek Lee juxtapose dainty, naturalistic prints against heavy, painted leathers for an autumn ensemble that has serious attitude. Immediately, it’s assumed that each visual concept would together produce a jarring conflict. But on the contrary, the broadcloth ruffles and leather cigarette pants worked together seamlessly. The key to such a fluid collection and runway presentation was in the smooth, linear transition of the pieces from the show’s start to finish.

Opening with ruffled broadcloth shirts and pussycat bows, the collection began with delightful whimsy. However, the dark wool coats and trousers, decked with embroidered dandelions, grounded the collection from becoming excessively twee. Gradually, leather was introduced in the form of drainpipe trousers and daisy appliques. Though cute, they provided the necessary segue into heavier and more severe looks, like the leather jacket layered with a leather coat. Felted wool and oversized knits with needlepoint hearts interjected themselves as the show continued. What appeared to be paint-coated denim was subtly grunge, compared to the statement leather near the show’s conclusion with the words, “F*** YOU,” scrawled in in white paint.

Self-professing its inspiration from contemporary art and youth subculture, BLINDNESS is a progressive Korean label unlike any other. Reflecting a unimodern concept, their recent collection is a construction from multiple, seemingly-disparate aesthetic identities that join together with surprising grace.

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