Back To The Future: Rombaut Spring/Summer 2016 Campaign

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Belgian designer Mats Rombaut is gunning for change. Not change in the sense of a new silhouette or a new aesthetic, but changes in the way that things are created. The Paris-based footwear designer focuses his line on creating plant-based pieces sans the usual hippie aesthetic that comes hand in hand with plant based lines.

His Spring/Summer 2016 collection was a trip back to the future: it played heavily on the form over color. The collection, entitled “Technology Will Save Us,” was futuristic in aesthetic but loving in detail. Geometric shapes, including squares, triangles and circles adorned basic high-tops, black color blocking adorned white almost institutional sneakers. Chunkier silhouettes were done in a spectrum of whites, creams and blacks, and featured polymer squares that acted as holographs on the laces. The pieces are handmade in Portugal, combining a love of hands-on crafting with contemporary, gender-neutral designs. At first glance, you wouldn’t suspect what Rombaut’s pieces are made of, and probably assumed his minimalistic sneakers are made of the usual leather/plastic hybrids of most kicks on the market. But, reflecting of his plant-based lifestyle he’s chosen to live, his pieces all come from the world around us. It sounds more like the contents of a tropical garden then a garment materials list: coconut, fig and pineapple fibres, stone, tree bark and cottons all make their way into his Spring Summer collection. In all, Rombaut’s goal to promote saving the planet is met while giving us style.

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