Dreams of Enchanted Adventures: JKOO Fall/Winter 2016 Seoul Fashion Week

Women, Men, Fashion, Runway

JKOO speaks through elegant prints and delicate silhouettes. The designer duo, Jinwoo Choi and Yeonjoo Koo, combined strangeness within the beauty their garments for the Fall Winter 2016 season. Lace, velvet and baroque enchanted the runway, and fabrics were designed with more risk and fabric manipulation.

Bomber jackets, ruffled-hem dresses and wide-leg trousers created a wonderland of looks styled by animated floral patterns and seashell-shaped appliques. All tamed by a darker color palate: blacks, muted yellows, rose pinks and navy blues guided us through a journey of romantic demeanors and masculine profiles. In the end, these lavished looks have our sights transfixed on these two raw talents of design.

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