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Humanlike: Motohiro Tanji Spring/Summer 2016

Men, Fashion, Runway

Japan is the epicenter for cutting edge creativity and the fashion scene is no exception; not if Motohiro Tanji has anything to do with it. Eye-catching, thought provoking and new-age are the exact terms to describe Tanji’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection, where the visionary pampered both his talent for knitwear and likeness for the monstrous. The collection, named Internal Observation, made a small analysis of the human body’s interior. The Bunka Fashion College graduate employed 30 types of textures and techniques including lace, ladders, pin tucking, and a handful of original stitches – no doubt a welcome result of his years cultivating his three-dimensional skills at Keio University and fashion knitwear at Nottingham Trent University. Tanji demonstrates a vast amount of fabric manipulation from three-dimensional studs to panel gathering, which resembles cobwebs and cocoons to the naked eye. It is clear to see his interpretation of the detailed human body through copious layering and sculptural shapes and textures. The models’ hair and gathering on hoods replicate the appearance of the human brain, accentuating a haunting but romantic impression. The use of off-white resembles an Egyptian mummy, while the harsh black is clearly a nod to a corpse and gothic culture. The active shade of red, representing the dominatrix culture, symbolises the blood streams through our bodies, giving us life and excitement. This collection is a deeply progressive jump from the magical Fall/Winter 2015 collection, taking Motohiro Tanji’s rightful place to the arena of avant-garde fashion design.

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