Spatial Jigsaw: Isabel Helf Spring/Summer 2016 Accessories

An unusual and wonderfully innovative up-and-coming designer, Isabel Helf works at the intersection of Furniture, Fashion and Product Design. Showcasing several of her projects, her series of leather bags and accessories possess an unusual quality in its focus on its relationship to physical space. One of her designs was a collaboration with Samsung for the Galaxy S6 phone. Slots for the phone itself and its accessories fit perfectly flush within the Wenge wood surface. Another slot opened up to create a hook to hang and display the bag along a planar surface.

Her collection titled, “Portable Combustion,” is a more explicit expression of the designer’s fascination with space. The Step Bag and Corner Bag are both constructed with rigid, wooden panels in unconventional shapes. Helf focused on minimizing used space between an object and its environment. Though the cowhide bags initially seemed more of an obstruction than anything else, each design was able to find an according place to call home. Like a jigsaw piece, the relationship between Helf’s designs and space create both a one-to-one, physical and aesthetic harmony.

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