The Urban Traveler: Études Spring/Summer 2017 Paris

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The New York-Parisian label Études Studio has built their Spring/Summer 2017 collection around a single concept – the traveler. Moving from the city to the suburbs and from the suburbs to the countryside, he simultaneously longs for both civilization and freedom from said society. But what he eventually finds is the sense of nature within an urban setting.

Like the poetic inspirations, guests to the runway show during Men’s Paris Fashion Week were transported from the city and into a quaint botanical garden tucked away in Paris’s Sixth Arrondissement. The season’s theme was translated via embroidered floral motifs and outdoor-ready outerwear. Appearing both wearable and creative, this season’s lineup of loose fitting pants and jackets reiterates the sort of nonchalant elegance Études has long championed.

Showcasing its tenth collection, this season’s lineup exhibits Études’ ability to work with natural fibers (reinforced by maintaining as many original colors of the raw materials used – cotton, indigo, denim, linen, wool – as possible) and their passion for collaboration (this season working with painter-sculptor Jonathan Binet for the spray-painted circles and the Paris-based atelier Lazar Cuckovic Couture to co-develop most of the collection).

The key looks this season feature minimal decorations across a soft color palette, with pants and jackets remaining loose to continue exploring the fluid movement this label has become synonymous with; prime examples are an oversize light denim pant or the voluminous cotton-canvas dusters.In keeping with the minimalist approach, straps and plastic clasps were easily the boldest details, but the most extreme look is hands-down the foil blank poncho. Reflective, shimmering and loose fitting, this particular piece was intense but well played, adding excitement to an already creative collection concise with ready-to-wear options.

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