Sorry Not Sorry: Julian Zigerli Spring/Summer 2017 Berlin

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Presenting at Berlin Fashion Week, Julian Zigerli is unabashedly cheeky in his Spring/Summer 2017 collection. Ironically titled, “Sorry,” the line-up was completely unapologetic in its relaxed cuts and devil-may-care attitude. The idling leisure of watching lotus flowers on a lake made its way into a print across parkas, shirts and trousers; the same method was applied to the child-like innocence of shadow puppets, now transformed into shirts with the familiar silhouettes of dogs and birds emblazoned across them.

This season was Zigerli’s first to include womenswear-specific pieces (button-front skirts with graphic text and pleated cami-dresses.) Beautifully integrated within the collection, they were neither excessively twee nor blandly androgynous. Closing with three bubble-gummy pink outfits (the blouson sure to be a definite winner for streetwear fanatics), Zigerli celebrates an enjoyable part of life that is only too often forgotten.

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