The Bon Vivant: Avelon Spring/Summer 2017 Berlin

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Avelon’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection bid hello to the bon vivant. The girls who love to live, and love to live well. Erik Frenken’s newest collection for Avelon, shown at Mercedes Benz Berlin Fashion Week, presented a collection that breathed a crisp, sophisticated luxury.

This season, the Amsterdam-bred designer created a dialogue between sensual and seductive fabrics (think satins and silks that cling to the body and all-noir leather) while drawing in more linear, traditional twist on tailoring. Striped blouses were shown in several incarnations, including found-this-on-my-boyfriends-floor unbuttoned dress shirts to over-the-top ruffle sleeve versions. Transparent mesh slivers showed off slips of skin on flowing silk skirts and see-through chiffon dresses. Victorian ruffles adorned the front of casual striped shirt dresses and the collars of flighty chiffon shirts. Silk sets had the comfort and ease of pajamas, but were more regal. Crisp blouses with undone buttons and knee-length hems were paired seductively over menswear tailored trousers. It was a seductive hybrid of sensual separates, combined with Frenken’s mastery of menswear tailoring.

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