Deconstruced Vision featuring Sean Suen

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Visual sight is the human’s most primary modality. Our noses are comparatively obsolete and our ears, while sensitive, just don’t communicate the same degree of information. This is a system of perception that operates, quite literally, at the speed of light.

Sight is also the underlying principle that makes fashion so relevant. “Fashion is the most powerful art there is. It’s movement, design and architecture all in one. It shows the world who we are and who we’d like to be.” It’s a visual declaration, a secondary manifestation of the self. For Sean Suen, the effect is even more pronounced. Though studied as a painter and experienced as a graphic designer, the Beijing-based designer has turned to fashion as his creative outlet. Familiar with these different identities, Suen translates them into his deconstructed garments.

With people comprised of so many different facets that encompass our identities — each prone to ceaseless change, some that compliment each other and others that seem to strike a stark contrast — Suen attentively dresses each of these traits and expressions, solemnity in particular, in his clothes. A flair for multi-level cuts and mixed textiles, he’s able to articulate all of the nuances in each emotion and feeling. Suen really does live up to his design ethos where each garment truly embodies an eye-grabbing dynamism.

Photography: Tong Meng

Makeup: Ging Qian

Hair: Li Jiawei

Models: Wang Rui + Che Biao + Tang Xiao Tian + Ziw Ei (Esee Model Management)

Wardrobe: Sean Suen Spring/Summer 2016

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