Private Policy Spring/Summer 2017 NYFW:M

Men, Fashion, Runway

His eyes were glassy. Hair slicked back. Tank tattered. He stood coyly in red leather pants. Biohazard logos splashed across them. He was fragile. A fish out of water. The model was beautiful and “Trapped At Sea.” The most appropriate, aptly titled and poignant of New York Men’s Day presentations stood on the waters of controversy. A neighbor wore a tar painted mask— chains on his shoulders. Private Policy’s statement on slavery labor in the Southeast Asia fishing industry. Fishers who are forced to work relentlessly. Their only escape in some cases, death.

Large topics for a brand still in its infancy. Private Policy’s first capsule collection launched just last year, for the Spring/Summer 2016 season. Yet, even if there were no elaborate backstory to this collection, the clothes spoke volumes. A swollen pearl colored bomber jacket read, “Sworn to Fun. Loyal to None.” A statement based on the ethos of a brand that is proudly allergic to rules and loyal only to their downtown social circle of friends. Whom they admittedly design for.

Yes, there are strong sociopolitical overtones, and the world is in a strange bind, but that doesn’t mean rebellion can’t be fun.

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