No Regrets: GALL Spring/Summer 2017

Men, Fashion, Runway

Rome-based line GALL returns with another characteristically eclectic collection full of bold statements and crisp lines. Their Spring/Summer 2017 line features cutting-edge street wear designs that command attention; they are pieces that exude individuality and creativity, and aren’t to be worn by the faint of heart. Building upon a typically monochromatic repertoire, the menswear collection is heavy-handed with its all-black aesthetic. Still, it features a variety of textures – from leather and nylon to sumptuous cottons –  to contribute an element of dimensionality already made apparent by expert craftsmanship.

Playing upon this idea of depth and diversity, the line includes striking marble-toned pieces that look as if they are chiseled out of stone. Ultimately, the collection is edgy without trying too hard. Asymmetrical zips and oversized fits create that ultimate cool factor, while shorts and cotton leg warmers offer conventional nods to sportswear. Through an unabashed approach to style, it’s a line that teaches us to live with no regrets.

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