8CUFF Surreal Obsession Graduate Collection

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In case you haven’t heard of Sue Suh and her social issue-influenced label, 8CUFF, you should. Here’s why: A graduate of the Raffles School of Continuing Education in Hong Kong, Seoul-born and Shanghai-raised designer Sue Suh’s approach to fashion design takes on a rather broad approach. Exploring not only colors and conventional visual appeal, Suh also tackles social issues at large in the world today. Last season’s collection, “The Great Kim,” referenced the North Korean regime of Kim Jong-un through subtle and well-played military uniform influences through prints, silhouettes and army jackets.

This season, she’s at it again with her Spring/Summer 2017 graduation collection, “Surreal Obsession,” incorporating the all-too-real concepts of anxiety, the longing desire for escape and the will for some form of immortality into a lineup that reflects the designer’s own desire to describe the uncertainty of reality. And while it sounds like quite a lot of thought to wrap your head around, Suh’s new collection comes across as approachable, easy to wear and not-at-all overly conceptual. Really, the only obsession we might have to worry about is the one you’ll start having shortly – once you catch a glimpse of her seasonal knitwear and outerwear offerings.

From an elongated-sleeve fluffy sweatshirt in saturated shades of grey and maroon to a boxy leather jacket, and even a high-collared down coat, this lineup of anxiety-inspired garments speaks more about the product of anxiety and stress than the issue itself. Below you’ll see a refined product that looks like the work of a long-graduated senior designer – constructed and styled with far more taste than several established designers have on their good days.

Sue Suh’s graduate collection boasts the momentum to fuel the sort of immortality and legacy her influences refer. She balances a keen eye for color, sharp tailoring in the top and bottom categories and an impeccable ability to build outerwear options with several styling opportunities, and that’s why she’ll last and have 8CUFF be your next obsession.

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