Immigrant’s Song: Andrew Coimbra Spring/Summer 2017

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The Toronto-based designer played into his own rich history to inject a sense of duality in his collection. For his Spring/Summer 2017 collection, Coimbra explored his experiences as a first generation Canadian and what that means to his identity, while also tying in the aesthetics of his Mediterranean and Portuguese heritage. The collection delivered full of edgier downtown staples, that paid homage to North American sportswear basics, and more fanciful florals found in the fashions of the Mediterranean. It was athletic in essence: soft French terry pullovers, a staple of American sportswear, were emblazoned with the Portuguese rose. Modernistic neoprene bombers had embroidered detailing and crisp chambray bombers had flight zipper details.

The collection was made up of  hues of soft beiges, light ochres, toned-down purples, and sky blues, with hints of black and grey to ground the collection; all colors that were in line with his previous collections. comfortable hues that added a hint of softness and nostalgia to the collection; colours that were almost aligned with the late 1970’s/early 1980’s.It was a surprisingly clean juxtaposition of old world and new, excessive and minimalistic, and North American and European.

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