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A strong femininity charged by brilliant colors is mixed to an eclectic style with massive proportions. That’s the Fall-Winter 2016 collection created by the young Miguel Becer for his spanish brand ManéMané. Starting from classical pieces of the women’s wardrobe like polos and matelassé coats, among male patterns such as pied de poule and prince of Wales, the designer deeply reinvents the garments with big bows, oversized volumes and intricate knots for a very architectural result, emphasized through velvet accessories. The ManéMané woman is really smart and polished in addition to her daily and effortless attitude contaminated by a faint touch of avant-garde. Let’s discover the traditional and familiar approach to fashion of a designer and enthusiast styling teacher of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

Alberto: What has led you to fashion?

Miguel: I’ve always seen my mother and my grandmother working so much but they were always perfect wearing beautiful dresses. I think my love for fashion started there, in my childhood.

A: Why did you choose the name ManéMané for your brand? 

M: This is how my twin brother called me when we were very young, around 4.

A: How was your experience at “Who’s on next?” supported by Vogue Spain?

M: It was very good! I remember that the experience was very exciting and funny. The night I won was very special too, because my mom was there with me.

A:  How would you describe your style?

M: This is a very difficult question, but I think I have a style you can easily change and convert into yours.

A: Who’s the ManéMané “mujer”? 

M: A woman who wears fashion for herself not for other people.

A: I’ve read you really love Nicolas Ghesquière’s work at Balenciaga but even Alexander Wang and Christopher Kane. Have you been influenced by them?

M: Of course I like so much real creatives. I think that Ghesquière’s work at Balenciaga is a big point of view about how we understand the fashion world nowadays.

A: What’s your favorite garment of your fall-winter 2016 collection? 

M: Puffer red coat.

A: There is a lot of patchwork in your FW 16 collection. Is this a way to mix different concepts and ideas? 

M: Yes, my idea for my FW 16 collection was that when you open your closet, you decide to wear a mix of colors and prints. This is why I love fashion! Because you can do whatever you want, there are no rules.

A: Looking back at your previous collections, Spanish references were more highlighted. What’s the role of your roots in your creative process? 

M: I always make full use of my own culture and traditions and more or less there is something spanish in my collections. I put all my culture into making my clothes.

A: Who’s the person who has taught you the most?

M: I try to learn from everyone. My old bosses, friends and family.

A: How’s your style developed since your first collection? 

M: I think I’m trying to find myself and now my collections are more real than the first ones.

A: Can we expect a menswear collection anytime soon?

M: Yes, but right now I’m working without differences between menswear and womenswear.

A: What’s your projects for the future? 

M: I want to create more collections and since I feel so good teaching fashion at University, going on with that too.



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