Through Fire and Flames: Asger Juel Larsen SS17-CPHFW

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Earlier this year in March, Asger Juel Larsen and his team faced utter catastrophe when their Copenhagen-based studio was burned down. Forced to start quite literally from the ashes for his Spring/Summer 2017 collection, the young designer showed no weakness during his presentation at Copenhagen Fashion Week. In fact, the pressing demands and deadlines ended up being a strength — eliciting Larsen’s most intuitive and instinctive sartorial decisions. The Asger Juel Larsen brand has always possessed a devil-may-care personality, but current circumstances increased it ten-fold.

Larsen’s Spring/Summer offerings were softer and less aggressive than usual. Though moto jackets are typically cut close to the body, the Danish designer’s rendition was spaciously oversized. A recurring theme, the roomier silhouettes were also featured in the elbow-length polo and slouchy mascot cardigan. Alongside these seasonal variants were pieces consistent with Larsen’s typical rebelliousness: metallic foil trousers, denim cut-offs and hoodies with deprecating slogans. Skatewear influences, a rising trend in high fashion it seems, also makes an appearance through skeletal appliques and burning motifs. Though the loss of Larsen’s studio is an unfortunate one, the strength and direction of this Spring/Summer 2017 collection is all the evidence necessary to prove the designer’s commendable resilience and fortitude.


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