Brotherhood: 11 by BBS Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

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Three’s a crowd…but in this case it’s 11. Barcelona-based designer Boris Bidjan Saberi pulls from a gang-mentality to produce his Spring/Summer 2017 collection titled “Disruptive Disciples,” for his secondary line, 11 by BBS. The 8th installment in this series, Saberi’s latest menswear line is a mix of military and street crew influences. To create this aesthetic, the collection features everything from camouflage patterns to bold geometric designs that are intersecting and interruptive. Strong family bonds are emphasized by the appearance of cross symbols and other typeface prints, while unique embroidery weaves its wearers together through a common thread. More literal gang references are found in leather biker jackets and a denim vest.

Designed to fit the needs of every aspect of life, the collection includes an assortment of light fabrics, including technical layering and Japanese selvedge denim. A variety of looks create a foundation for versatility, from complex long overcoats paired with knee-high socks to simplistic long sleeves worn with rolled corduroys. Cool earth tones, such as deep reds and greens, break up the black and white of the collection for a diverse color palette. In essence, Saberi’s line is as sturdy and lasting as the ties that bind us by blood (whether they be genetic or otherwise).

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