The Daybreak: Maikel Tawadros Spring/Summer 2017

The Daybreak
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A philosophy of menswear permeates throughout Maikel Tawadros Spring/Summer 2017 Collection. High waisted trousers, blazers, and suit vests materialized in bright colors and bold silhouettes — fashioned by feminine sex appeal.  It was a collection that was flirtatious like a summer’s sunset —characterized its spell.

The fervor of the setting sun shined through a faint animal-printed peplum tanks and pleated tops paired with a matching flared trouser. A luxurious ankle length robe with billowing sleeves and fitted trousers paired with narrow leather slip on shoes and a decadent fur shawl. Such attention to the tailoring and precision of technique, shown off seasonally at Copenhagen Fashion Week, has the ability to tame a rain forest. A balance between form fitting looks and voluminous shapes herald life from opposing natures.

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