Distorted Shadows: MAX.TAN Spring/Summer 2017

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While the warmer spring months typically connote idle and carefree days, the eponymous MAX.TAN label continued with its dark and moody signature. This time around, Tan’s shapes were less jarring and geometric. His past Fall season was dedicated to angular silhouettes which suited a pattern-cutting technique that minimized excess textile waste. But gone are those sharp angles in favor of more accessible, ready-to-wear designs. Boyish shirt-dresses, denim jackets and piped blazers all looked more familiar and consumer-friendly.

The MAX.TAN Spring/Summer 2017 season really seemed like yet another peak in the designer’s career. The collection had mass appeal while still very-much infused with Tan’s avant-garde tastes. There was still a lot of experimental ventures like in the proportions of his work (see: the broad-shouldered wrap coat with wasp waist) and the extreme front-slit trousers. Ready-to-wear can often feel diluted, but MAX.TAN proved this isn’t always the case. A solid collection in every way, this designer only gets better and better.

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