Completely Wright: FLOW The Label Fall/Winter 2016 Campaign

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Striving to revive genuine femininity at a time where “androgyny” is the industry buzzword, the 2-going-on-3-year-old Ukrainian-Belgian brand, FLOW the Label, chose hip-hugging, wide-legged trousers to be the prominent silhouette in their Fall/Winter 2016 collection. Inspired by renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright and his signature organic architecture, the pants and the rest of the pieces move in sync with the body.

From Fallingwater to the Prairie School, Wright’s late 19th/early 20th century designs allowed residents to become one with their environment. Similarly, sisters Veronika and Viktoriia hope to do the same for their clients. A neutral palette calmly yet captivatingly layers together in harmony, beckoning the soft romanticism of the ’70s. True to that era, shearling jackets and large silver rings populated the collection as often as the bell bottoms did. Midi skirts weave in and out of the gendered archetypes, their center slits creating the illusion of wide-legged culottes.

Through simple lines and patterns, the collection looks less like a consignment store medley than a classic collection of female power. What comes off as minimal is made up through texture. Corduroy, cotton, knits and velvet mimic the organic life and vegetation, while silk patterned in the brown and nude rhombi of men’s dress socks, nod to Wright’s geometric genius.

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