Carbon: DZHUS Spring/Summer 2017

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If you can remember as far back to your grade school studies, you’d know (or at least be familiar with) the concept of the conservation of matter. It will suffice to summarize it as the idea that matter can neither be created nor destroyed: it simply changes between forms. This is at the heart of the DZHUS Spring/Summer 2017 collection titled, “Carbon.” An element quintessential to all life on Earth, it also represents the soil to which organisms return — a concise encapsulation of life’s cyclical nature.

The conceptual Ukrainian womenswear brand, headed by founder Irina Dzhus, has been shortlisted for the prestigious Woolmark Prize and for good reason: its avant-garde cuts embody both an industrial aesthetic iconic of its national origin and a global, streetwise appeal. Austere minimalism is ingrained within the brand’s core values. For the Spring/Summer season, this took shape through angled folds, deconstructed edges and a juxtaposition between ascetic occlusion of the body and complete exposure. As if marking their impending decay and return to the earth, the garments are fixed with hanging straps that only accentuate the already geometrically-inclined collection.

DZHUS is a cut above many of the newer emerging brands. The theme behind this collection (and its predecessors) brims with intellect that has been articulated beautifully through contemplative design. Independent, intellectual and cultured are only a few of many adjectives that could aptly describe the DZHUS brand.

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