Close Comfort: FFIXXED STUDIOS Spring/Summer 2017 Lookbook

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There’s something about FFIXXED Studios’ Spring/Summer 2017 collection that appeals to both left and right brain. On one hand, the collection investigates the role of clothing in one’s life. On the other, the high-quality pieces just appeal to the senses – feeling oh so good on the wearer and really bringing a visceral experience.

The label looks to their art and design roots for aesthetic inspiration. The label’s resident designer/artists Kain Picken and Fiona Lau rely just as much on their background as working artists as they do their time cutting their teeth as a designer. As much as their line’s conceit Is conceptually driven – forever looking to investigating the possibilities of contemporary consumption and new production techniques- their piece wear simplistically.

Think unfussy, unstructured blazers and matching trousers. White crepe pants with a laid-back matching t-shirt gave off an air of relaxation. Crepe wrapped jackets. Jungle-printed versions of an updated work jacket. Longline cardigans with simple collars. Collared shirt with draping that should read complex, but had an air of simplicity to it. Overcoats that buttoned on and off to the temperature around.  All pieces that appealed both viscerally and cerebrally to the wearer.

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