Zip Through The Sky: The Sirius Spring/Summer 2017 Lookbook

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Although The-Sirius is still a young brand, it stays true to its name. Younchan Chung has made sure each collection is another bright star to add to his night sky of designs. To move off that mantra, this year’s Spring/Summer 2017 lookbook is full of zippers, pockets and crisp tailoring.

Signature items seen throughout this collection are navy and tan shorts covered with oversized pockets and finished with a circular zipper, as well as smooth leather jackets. The unique zipper is included on just about every piece of clothing, giving a mod feel to each outfit. Three-button shirts are detailed with a flipped collar that buttons at the center into a high neckline, transforming what could be a normal shirt into something a little more elegant.

One of the most memorable looks in the collection was a navy trench coat detailed with gingham sleeve patches and white epaulettes at the shoulders, changing a classic staple into something with a little more flare. Each garment has visible stitching in contrasting colors around the hems, which makes the clothes stand out that much more. Another unique thread in the collection; shirts designed with back buttons instead of front, with some even sporting completely open backs. Although Chung played with eye-catching details, he was still able to maintain the elegance and “siriusness” he shoots for in all his designs.

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