Closed Case, Open Casket: 3. Paradis Fall/Winter 2016

Closed Case, Open Casket.
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We are the ones shaping the future. The kids of the day are the ones shaping the future. For the brand’s Fall/Winter 2016 collection, 3. Paradis made a call to all young people, to take charge of the world of tomorrow.

Designers Emeric  Tchatchoua and Raymond Cheung put a spotlight on police misconduct, alerting everyone that it’s time to fight the system and demand reform in our police and justice system. This call to arms translated through 3. Paradis’ unique east-meets-west aesthetic. Crisp karate-style robes were done in a minimalistic black and cerulean blue. Traditional plaid patterning was done in a slick overcoat. Cheeky t-shirts referencing Nirvana’s iconic album cover were given the 3. Paradis make-over.

All of these looks were shot in a poignant campaign – the models lay strewn on the streets in a tableau that looks all too familiar, bringing up images in our minds of the unjust police shootings that happen almost daily across the nation. The duo partnered with the Common Concept Shop in Ottawa, Canada for this project.

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