No Table Manners: Drink Beer Save Water (DBSW) Spring/Summer 2017

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Playful, interactive, and unashamedly blunt are words to describe the mind of menswear label Drink Beer, Save Water. The Seoul-based brand runs with this dialogue for the brand’s Spring/Summer 2017 offerings, integrating phrases such as “fork Me” and the words “knife” and “spoon” on solid white graphic t-shirts and candy red long sleeved tops.  Illustrations of the kitchen utensils accessorized these bold statements.

A caricature of a fork, partnered with a life-sized lettering of the word “fork”, decorated an unbuttoned shirt. This stand-out plays off the sexualized undertones in the brand’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection. Concurrently, baseball caps and sweatbands paired with track pants and color-blocked anoraks, shepherding the designer’s understanding of boyhood. Tracksuits infused with threads of youth dotted the collection, finished in bold graphics and tongue-in-cheek patterning. Set table manners aside, for the sake of personal style these pieces serve the purpose of conversation.

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