Girl Power: Scottacus Anthony Spring/Summer 2017

Girl Power
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Scottacus Anthony’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection is proof that the sequins of the 80’s and 90’s are alive and well. The London-based designer’s femme fatale-inspired designs are playful and flirty, yes, but empowering.

Corsets played a huge role throughout the designer’s “Double Feature” collection. The curve-hugging bodysuits, adorned to the maximum with pink, purple and gray sequins, took a turn for the modest with halter tank necklines, a different look from classic corsets meant to highlight the cleavage. The high neckline, however, didn’t stop the corsets from looking just as sexy. Dramatic, high-legged leotards were paired with graphic crop tops and girly pastel tulle. Most of the more formal dress options feature a delicate lavender floral print, but a lone red-magenta gown stood out from the rest. The strapless piece featured a swooping neckline and button closures down the middle, with some left open to reveal a healthy amount of leg. High-waisted trousers were spotted throughout the collection; done in both full sequins and a look-at-me shade of pink. One thing has been made clear: no one screams girl power louder than Scottacus Anthony.


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