In My Shoes: The Last Conspiracy Autumn/Winter 2016

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Scandinavian label The Last Conspiracy understands what every shoe aficionado desires: versatile footwear that can stand the test of time. For nostalgic connoisseurs who can’t seem to relinquish that damaged pair in the closet they’ve had for years, The Last Conspiracy’s Fall/Winter 2016 collection delivers products that ensure you don’t have to.

Durable, functional and chic all wrapped into one, the collection features an array of black and white pieces that mesh with any ensemble. From its sleek Doc Marten-inspired kicks to the sturdy heeled ankle bootie, quintessential looks make the collection highly desirable. Metal zips add an element of sheen to the already sleek collection, while a plethora of leather amp up the obvious cool factor. Perfectly distressed, each pair is imbued with a sense of worn-in comfort unparalleled by most brands.

But what makes the line truly unique is its commitment to detail and handcrafted artisanship – a trait that forges an intimate bond between shoemaker and wearer. The patience and mindfulness invested in the creation process are apparent in each beautifully executed piece designed to mold to every consumer’s needs.

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