Black Beacon: VIZUVL GVDS Fall/Winter 2016

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Minimal engineering, architectural geometry and West African influence. For budding label VIZUVL GVDS (a stylized rendition pronounced, “Visual Gods”), these are the cornerstones for new design. With quiet online presence and only a few seasons under its belt, the brand still has a long way to go. Nevertheless, it has all the makings of a potential cult-favorite: commercial accessibility, defined brand philosophy and malleable aesthetics for future maturation and adaption.

Headed by Muktar Onifade, everything is hand-produced at their Detroit-based studio. For the Fall/Winter 2016 season, familiar shapes were elevated and given a heightened treatment through luxe materials and detailing. Heavy-duty embroidery took form as an abstract face on a hoodie, echoing the indigenous art of West Africa. The cosmopolitan influence was extended through the graphic, woven turtleneck and to a more subtle degree, the sinuous metallic lines that traced the back of another sweater. T-shirts, done in a textural woven fabric akin to a bubbly-crepe material, were left with raw edges. Minutely frayed, the tendrils of the fabric adorned the tee like a ruffled trim.

VIZUVL GVDS has piqued our attention here at Deux Hommes. Though the Fall/Winter collection was small, it was concise and perfectly embodied all that Onifade seeks to represent. Curiously enough, GVDS carries secondary meaning as an acronym for, “Gifted with Visual Diverse Skills.” Seeking to inspire other young African creatives, VIZUVL GVDS is well on its way to becoming a brilliant beacon of design for the African-American community.


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