Domesticity: Phoebe English Fall/Winter 2017 LFWM

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For Phoebe English’s Fall/Winter 2017 show at London Fashion Week, the brand went back to where the heart lies – in the hearth of the home. Eight deadpan boys took to English’s psuedo-home setting to show off the practicality of this seasons offerings. While the boys went through the motions of swept, vacuumed, laundered, and ironing, as did the clothes show off the wearability – moving fluidly in sync with the simple chores. Structureless but crisp trenches were finished in fresh shades of plum. More refined version of the seemingly unfleeting bomber trend were finished in a buttery soft suede.

And as much as this collection was placed in a home setting, there was none of the sweats and athleisure separates that most of us gravitate towards in our own homes. Workwear pieces were dotted throughout the collection – like sharp trousers and classic button-ups turned on their head through unconventional tailoring and unusual lengths.

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