REWIND: Favorites from LFWM FW17 Collections

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Unlike womenswear where quirkiness and new trends can become commercially lucrative, the men’s industry undoubtedly takes less sartorial risks in fear of minimizing the profit margin. Laying siege to that though, is London Fashion Week which has always been a personal favorite because of its tendency to engage with new talent, producing the most raw and forward-thinking collections possible.

Although not the type of designer whose work would bridge gallery art and the runway, Astrid Andersen certainly deserves mention for his richly decadent Fall/Winter 2017 collection. Shimmering velvets and feathered prints aided in the lush characterization of Andersen’s boy who was equal parts Magic Johnson and Michelangelo. The level of cohesion spanning across the diverse set of looks only spoke to the dedication and depth of the designer’s work. See full collection HERE.

Astrid Andersen Fall/Winter 2017 LFWM

But in terms of sheer memorability, Ximonlee’s pearl-studded collection was king — a glamorous take on what menswear has the potential to be. Pairing the soft, aqueous gemstone alongside buttery leather and marbled chest harnesses, it challenged and assertively redefined convention according to Lee’s design. See full collection HERE.

XIMONLEE Fall/Winter 2017 LFWM

No collection was more so provocative, except for possibly that of Craig Green. While his mariner’s ensembles were relatively easy to wear, the outfits composed of patterned rugs hardly felt like outfits at all. Loosely held together via grommets and cording, the controversially appealing collection is a testament to Green’s glorified position as one of London’s best emerging talents on the global scene. See full collection HERE.

Craig Green Fall/Winter 2017 LFWM
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