Cirque: Henrick Vibskov Fall/Winter 2017 PFW

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For his show amongst the lights and sounds of Paris Fashion Week, Henrick Vibskov looked to the lights and sounds of the big top. Contrasted striping, in bold hues of blue and red, clashed in suitwear, while oxfords, still beautiful in form, seemed to reference clown shoes through bright piping and colorblocking. While the striping threaded through almost every look, it played with patterns; like a floral applique pattern in a similar colorway, and a modern-art patterned sweater and tight. Clothing was almost comedically over-sized and unstructured in form, almost similar to that of a jovial circus clown, but still fluid as it flowed from the form. The accessories were just as head-turning, think raggedy-anne socks and metal earpieces. It was if Vibskov whisked us away to the circus for the sartorially savvy.


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