All of the Above: Jarret Fall/Winter 2017 NYFW

All of the Above
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The show began with a performance. A very talented (very flexible) woman in a logo printed dress of Jarret’s design began twisting and moving in such a way that quite frankly put those MTA subway dancers to shame. It was majestic, tough, and complicated. A great way to paraphrase the collection. Straying the lines of evening elegance—a metallic gown, coat and leather mules; urbanity—a velvet hoodie and cotton trousers, and straight-up complex—a cotton fringe blazer, lurex coat, velvet belt and cotton fringe trousers. While the woman this season was dubbed a Korean empress, it seemed to me she was in fact, A) a socialite, B) a style star and C) all of the above.

Each woman had their endearing qualities (especially woman C), but more importantly, this was one of Ji Youn Lee’s first endeavors up from under the umbrella of Concept Korea. A collective of Korean talent who are selected to showcase their work at New York Fashion Week each season. And with the ethos of creating “more than meets the eye” designs, Jarret’s definitely got the more is more thing down. As I’ve followed the Concept Korea designers in the past, I look forward to seeing more (and more) from Jarret in the future.

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