Everything but the Kitchen Sink: Fashion Scout’s Matty Bovan Fall/Winter 2017 LFW

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When the word ‘crafty’ come to mind, the word kitschy, and possible the idea of a knitting circle or a children’s daycare follow soon after. But for his Fall/Winter 2017 showing at London Fashion Week, Matty Bovan was able to elevate the somewhat geriatric art of knitting, quilting, and patchwork into a strangely relevant collection. Each look was a melee of colors, fabrics, and textures – from falling-apart knits to levels on levels of layering. Not a color or pattern went unrepresented in the collection, from open-weave knits to plaid patchwork pants. The entirety of the collection felt intuitive – pieces breathed Bovan’s life and you could essentially feel the British designers creativity pulsing through the collection.

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