New Blues: Faustine Steinmetz Fall/Winter 2017 LFW

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Arguably, denim is a blue collar staple. Our blue jeans, our denim jackets, are reserved for when we feel like slumming it. But none of that lazy-day sentiment was present for Faustine Steinmetz’s Fall/Winter 2017 collection, shown at London Fashion Week. Denim became a piece of show, rather than a canvas for matching. Denim jumpsuits and two pieces were transformed – be it through bleaching, shredding, and embroidery. For such example, a matching trouser and work jacket set was finished with delicate white threading throughout, almost giving off the feeling of hair. The premiere look – a denim suit set finished off with sparkling glitter and spidery flowing threads. One things for sure: these are not your old blue jeans.

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