An Emotional Response: Phoebe English Fall/Winter 2017 LFW

An Emotional Responce
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It’s an indisputable fact: we adore Phoebe English here at Deux Hommes. Her presentations at LFW are always such a treat to behold and this Fall/Winter 2017 season didn’t disappoint. Like many designers, English’s response to current political events took shape in her recent body of work, this time personifying abstract emotional concepts like fear, unity and hope. Surrounded by nest-like arrangements, her eleven statuesque models donned looks that felt cinematic and a bit different than the designer’s typical style.

Rather than opting for her usual draped femininity, English chose to go with a bit of unstructured tailoring: Tyranny’s scarlet suit of waxed cotton, the ensemble of cobalt mesh and Courage’s glimmering tulle jacket all were deviations from the designer’s norm. The delicate frocks found in Unity and Repair were more in line with her previous work. Composed of knots and layers of gossamer fabrics, the dresses were absolutely ethereal. Dressed in rich, verdant green velvet and wide-legged jacquard trousers, Hope was the last deity of the presentation. Offering a sense of catharsis and consolation, the presentation ends on an optimistic note. English’s collection is enchanting in the way it inspires conversation and addresses the ubiquitous emotions that everyone must currently be feeling. A star collection on every level, English is setting the new fashion paradigm.

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