Menswear Revisited: J. JS Lee Fall/Winter 2017 LFW

Menswear Revisited
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Very much a darling Fall/Winter collection, the J. JS Lee runway at LFW offered clean, transparent design aesthetics with bold accents in construction and knitwear. The large knotted ascots could have come off a bit twee, but they mirrored the ties that threaded in and out of layered tops with cunning wit. Similarly, the double-breasted coat with exaggeratedly-dropped neckline seemed like a playful repurposing of classic menswear. The masculine motifs were heightened with banded accoutrements (suspiciously resembling oversized shirt cuffs) that wrapped around the chest of knit turtleneck frocks. Overall, Lee’s work had that same air of pared-back sensibility seen in Scandinavian designers. Modest but luxurious, it’s the sort of collection that’s sure to be reproduced by high-street retailers come September.

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